Devon Delfino | Brooklyn-based freelance writer, blogger and editor
Hi, I’m Devon (pronounced Devin), an independent journalist who writes about culture, politics, identity and personal finance.

I graduated from Boston University with a journalism degree (magazine track) in 2015 and was subsequently handpicked to participate in NerdWallet’s service-journalism program. I ended up working at the company for almost two years, first in the higher-education and student-loan beat and later as a general personal-finance reporter.

During that time, I took every opportunity I had to write about the issues impacting marginalized groups — specifically women, minorities, low-income individuals and first-generation students. I also pioneered new content formats and started a social-media ready series of profiles about people who’ve paid off student debt. I covered financial news and dug into 1,000-line spreadsheets, immersed myself in the shady world of paid surveys, talked to presidents of lending companies and financial planners as well as debt advocates and people struggling with debt and fluctuating incomes.

My work has been featured in publications such as the L.A. Times, Teen Vogue, the EstablishmentMashable, Business Insider, MarketWatchCNBC and USA Today.

When I’m not writing, I can usually be found playing with my dog, planning my next solo-hiking adventure, re-reading a book I’ve owned for years (instead of the one I just picked up), or anxiously binge-watching the Handmaid’s Tale.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or proposals you may have. And check out my profile on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter for real-time updates on my work as well as general musings on my life as a freelancer.