Devon Delfino: Content marketing writer and editor (B2B and B2C)

Hi! I’m Devon (pronounced Devin), a writer and editor specializing in B2C and B2B content marketing, with a background in journalism. My writing has been featured in publications like the L.A. Times, Teen Vogue, Grammarly, Business Insider, MarketWatch, CNBC, USA Today, and GoodRx, among others.

A lot of my work centers around money and language — though I’ve written about many other things in my time as a freelancer. My throughline is writing about complex topics with nuance, creativity, and clarity.

When I’m not writing (or updating my many spreadsheets), I can usually be found planning my next solo-hiking adventure, working on my adult fantasy novel, or reading something from my ever-expanding TBR. (Check out my Instagram for creative writing and reading updates and thoughts.)

Feel free to email me with any questions or proposals you have. (I’m always happy to talk about writing/money/sci-fi/film scores/bad 80’s movies.) Be sure to follow me on Medium for upcoming posts about writing and the creative lifestyle. And check out my profile on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter for real-time updates on my work.