About Me

DevonDelfinoProfileLinkedInPhotoHello and welcome! I’m Devon [pronounced Dev-in, for the non-Anglophiles out there.] I’m a journalist at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. I also write about culture, race, gender, travel, personal branding and social media as a freelancer.

My work has been featured in the L.A. Times, Mashable, Business Insider, MarketWatchCNBC and USA Today, among others.

While completing my B.S. in Journalism at Boston University, I interned at Metro Media‘s Boston hub (which reaches over half a million readers each month) and worked as the Arts and Entertainment Editorial Intern for WUWO Media in London. Prior to that, I was the Blog Editor at the Daily Free Press and the Web Editor and Social Media Manager at Sargent College.

When I’m not writing, I can be found planning my next travel adventure, obsessively tweeting travel/career/local-interest articles or indulging in a Netflix documentary binge-session. Contact me via e-mail with any questions or proposals you may have!